5 Bathroom Design Ideas

12/29/15 by Skogman Homes

We gathered a few design ideas that we are seeing trending in our area. If you’re thinking about building a new home or remodeling your current home, look at these ideas for bathroom design inspiration.  It’s the year of bringing that spa feeling into your home. 


Idea #1: Freestanding Tubs

Skogman Homes Bathroom

Bathroom designed and built by Skogman Homes.

Homeowners are starting to see how the shower and tub combinations are great for efficiency but not so much for comfort and relaxation. Owners are choosing to remove their built-in bathtubs and replacing these with freestanding bathtubs and walk-in showers. Freestyle tubs are much deeper and more spacious than the built-ins.

These freestanding tubs symbolize a person’s own space and downtime. They inspire a feeling of self-indulgence (aka that pampering feeling we mentioned earlier). Switching out your built-in tub to a freestyle tub instantly creates an added feeling of elegance and luxury.

When designing your bathroom, consider how the tub shape will build the look of your space.


Idea #2: The Master Sweet Retreat

Skogman Homes Master Suite

Bathroom designed and built by Skogman Homes.

You spend almost a third of your life in your bedroom, why not make it a place to get away and relax? Homeowners are starting to see the master bedroom as much more than just a room to sleep in – it’s their oasis. We are seeing bigger, less cramped bathrooms, connecting to the bedroom or closet of the master bedroom. It’s really about bringing that spa feeling home.

The master suite will showcase luxurious features such as fire places, dressing rooms, larger showers, freestanding tubs, specialized cabinets, customized closet spaces, and much more.


Idea #3: Bigger Showers

Skogman Homes Shower

Bathroom designed and built by Skogman Homes.

Another big trend: bigger showers. People are looking for walk-in showers with oversized panel of glass or solid walls completely enclosing the space. In 50% of new homes, the larger shower is actually replacing the tub all together.

The extra showering space allows for multiple showerheads, built-in seats, more elbow room, and the overall feeling of relaxation. 

Some experts say that it’s important for your home to have at least 1 tub for resale, especially for those potential homebuyers who have small children.


Idea #4: Gray Tones

Skogman Homes Bathroom

Bathroom designed and built by Skogman Homes.

Gray was a popular color choice in 2015 and we aren't seeing any signs of that changing. We can’t get enough!  Painting your bathroom gray can give that cool and contemporary look but can also feel warm and traditional. It just depends on how you design and decorate.

The gray color acts as a neutral canvas and works well with a variety of tones and shades in your bathroom. Add life to the design by adding a bold statement piece such as the black sink and cabinet (pictured above) or a splash of color.


Idea #5: Vessel Sinks

Skogman Homes Sink
Bathroom designed and built by Skogman Homes.

This freestanding sink sits directly on top of the counter and comes in a variety of shapes, materials, colors, and prices. Vessel sinks allow you to make your bathroom space unique to your style – you can choose from porcelain, copper, glass, and stone just to name a few choices.


There are so many design choices you can make when designing your bathroom. Contact one of our associates to discuss what your bathroom will look like in your new Skogman Home!